Queens Of Real Estate Chicago (Reality Show Teaser)

"Queens of Real Estate Chicago" follows the lives of 10 dynamic women as they navigate the cutthroat world of real estate in the Windy City. By day, these women are top agents, brokers, and developers, using their expertise and business savvy to close deals and make their mark in the industry. But outside of work, they know how to let loose and enjoy the finer things in life, proving that they truly are the queens of their profession.

Throughout the season, we'll get an inside look at the daily challenges and triumphs these women face in their careers, from negotiating with clients and scouting out new properties to managing their own personal lives, extended family and friend hardships to family heartbreaks and intervention. From high-rise condos on the lakefront to sprawling mansions in the suburbs and everything in between, no property is too big or too small for these ladies to tackle.

But it's not all work and no play for our "Queens of Real Estate Chicago." From rooftop parties and exclusive events to nights out on the town, we'll see these women let their hair down and enjoy all that the city has to offer. Whether they're sipping champagne at a swanky club or dancing the night away at a trendy bar, these ladies know how to have a good time.

Join us for "Queens of Real Estate Chicago," where we show that these women are not only successful in their careers, but also the queens of the Chicago social scene.

The first season includes an event with the former Mayor of Chicago, working with the current Governor of Illinois, Many home closings, Champaign Closings, Awards Ceremony for a few of our Queens, iHeart Radio Guests with Inspiration 1390, business and personal drama and much more... 

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